Wednesday, March 29, 2006

First Threadless Submission

My first t-shirt submission to Threadless is up! Please check it out and vote for me. The Flash file got a little messed up so go here to see the other color options. Thanks you!


My design was axed early because 'after 24 hours of voting, it received a low score and a low number of "I'd Buy It" requests'. If you'd honestly like this as a shirt please leave a comment saying so and what color and size you like. I think if enough people say they'd buy one I'll do a limited run of shirts and sell them myself. I'm also considering die-cut vinyl stickers.




z0mbi said...

Cool! I hope you win! I'm trying out some stuff on Cafepress's new black shirts. Hopefully this direct printing process theyre using looks decent.

spacesick said...

Oh, sweet! I saw this earlier when somebody was pimping your design in the forum. I haven't voted yet, but it's getting a 5. Awesome work, dude.

Let's be Threadless buddies and get A-Team walkie-talkies and always pick eachother first at kickball.

Brian Romero said...

Sounds good Spacesick! Nepotism is good if it gets your t-shirt printed by Threadless!

Aimee's Sketch Blog said...

Yep. I voted for you. Want to buy your shirt!!

spacesick said...

Hey man, not sure if you saw this yet. I didn't really care to read it though, so there might be some swears in it.


theKirkness said...

screw them man.
i submitted a design and got this back
"Even though your design may be submitted properly, we do decline some submissions for poor design"

Brian Romero said...

Hey Spacesick, was post about my submission deleted by the mods? I can't find it in the blog forum there. Drop me a real e-mail some time too.

scouts said...

oh hey i was the one that blogged about it.

i like it on brown.

Brian Romero said...

Scouts, thanks for promoting my design. For some reason I didn't even think to see if anyone posted about my design on the forum until Spacesick linked me.

Do have a size preference? I'd like to get see which sizes will be most popular before I get shirts made.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,

Like designing t-shirts huh? A new threadless-"like" site is launching soon, and I want you to be one of the first to submit a new design. Should be launched in 2 weeks!

-Sarah B, 80211 by way of 11211

Hope you and Leah are well!

Brian Romero said...

Hey Sarah! Drop me an e-mail sometime.


jay @ duds said...

I love it, the Threadless voting crowd is a bitch.