Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lost Cartoons "Puss Gets The Boot"

Thanks to the crazy Mammy character, this classic short and first appearance of Tom & Jerry won't be seeing a wide release on DVD any time soon. Originally Tom was named Jasper and Jerry was named JInx though he wasn't called by his name onscreen. Initially Tom torments Jerry, until Jerry learns that he can torment Tom by attempting to break every glass, porcelain and ceramic item in the house. I really like how furry and cat-like Tom looks in this one, but the real treat for me is Jerry. He's so damn cute and lovable yet he's a total asshole! Not only that, but we cheer him on because he's tormenting Tom the bully.

The torturer becomes the tortured!

Who knew this cute little rascal was such a dick?!

Enjoy the show!


CarolineJarvis said...

Hahahahahaha! "who knew this little rascal was such a dick" great line! haha! Cool stuff on your blog man!

Chit said...

this one's one of my personla favorites.

Brian said...

This cartoon is included in the MGM/UA video TOM & JERRY VI "FESTIVAL OF FUN" released in Australia on PAL by CEL. Some of the gags were repeated in later T&J cartoons, like Jerry throwing plates off the shelf, and Tom dashing around trying to catch them. Also Jerry's stacatto laugh played on a violin! But can you supply the date of production please, as it is not clear on the screen.