Friday, July 28, 2006

Cartoon Acting vs Tracing and MoCap

Thad Komorowski has recently posted some examples of cartoon acting in reaction to statements made by ignorant film critic Mick LaSalle and actor suck-up James Lipton. LaSalle really pissed me off with this particular comment on motion capture:

"Imagine what Disney might have done with this in the creation of the Seven Dwarfs. Imagine all the things that will be done with this in the future. "Monster House" looks like the ground floor of something important."

This is a slap in the face to all the talented artists who pioneered feature animation on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. To add insult to injury Lipton said:

"In theory, if you rotoscope a really good performance by a really good actor, it ought to be much more effective than an animated performance that's been drawn or computer generated to match a voice."

Give me a fucking break! Tracing a live actor is better than having a real animator create their own performance? BULLSHIT.


animalmother said...

hey brian, i sent email to mick lasalle asking if he'd actually watched monster house or was he just paid to say nice things about it. his only reply was he toasted me from one of his vacation spots in south pacific. i guess he has no morals as well as balls.

Brian Romero said...

More likely he's toasting you from his dirty studio apartment across the street from the neighborhood crack den.

Jenny M. said...

Hey, I saw Monster House and it was real good, but I understand what ya mean.

Yasamin said...

boy its been a tough week for hollywood.

*watches her anime and hides in her dark corner*

david gemmill said...

i hate these idiot holier than thou "critics." they wouldn't know their ass from a whole in a wall. they are payed by hollywood publicists to talk up an already shitty film. they are just pawns run by executive hacks, sucks that some people are stupid enough to believe them though.

RafterMan said...

an'mother, s'at you? is this heaven?

Brett W. Thompson said...


Sigh. Not everyone can appreciate what good animation is, I guess?

That rotoscope comment is just super ignorant, wow.