Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Leslie Harpold

I had the pleasure of working with Leslie on Cyberounds and a few other projects over the last four years. When Mike Essl called me and said that Leslie had passed away I was shocked and then saddened because I'd never get a chance to meet her in person. I had only worked with her on projects over the phone and online.

Leslie and I would spend time shooting the shit after we got the client business talk out of the way. She always had at least a couple of hilarious stories to tell me each time. We talked a lot about music, the finer points of cute indie rock guys, living in NYC and dogs: either mine or her parents giant canines Biggie and Tupac. I'm going to really miss her distinctive laugh, generosity and sardonic wit. Goodbye Leslie, thank you for everything you shared with me!

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Sam Pratt said...

Found an old mix tape from Leslie in my attic, and scanned the handmade cover/liner notes: