Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sandy West Tribute Show

Saturday night Leah and I went to see the Sandy West Tribute Show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. It was a good show though hot, cramped and dark. So dark that even shooting with my lens wide open at 1.8f most of the pics came out pretty dark.

The show also got really rowdy once Duane Peters and his band tore into the Dead Boys classic "Sonic Reducer." I lost my place in front of the stage in the ensuing mosh pit. After that it was tough to get any shots without one of a dozen bald guys heads getting in the frame. My friend Chris Markwood was drumming with Sweet Justice who were backing up Runaways front woman Cherie Currie.

The Bangles also played a short but sweet set. There was a lot of love from the crowd for them. By this time I started to get a better spot to shoot, though limited mostly to stage left.

The Donnas also delivered a short but fiery set. Leah and I have seen them a bunch of times they still manage to get us pumped every show. I tried to get over to the right side and get some good pics of Allison, but I was totally boxed in.

Click here to see all my selects from this show!

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theresa said...

Back when the Runaways were still together, I once tried to photograph one of their concerts at the Whiskey. I suspect the bald guys who kept getting in your frames were the same ones who blocked mine, back when they had hair.

Sorry I couldn't be there -- so thanks for the photos.