Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple Has Done It Again: iPhone

I pretty much soiled myself when I saw the demos of the upcoming Apple iPhone. People are already bitching that it's too expensive and will prove to be a failure. That's exactly what early critics of the iPod said. Yet here we are seven years later and there's not a single competitor that even comes close to the massive 60 percent strangle hold that Apple has on the market. I'm only pissed that Leah and I can't buy one until June when the iPhone ships.

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lastangelman said...

Price doesn't matter. Apple sells Mercedes and Lamborghinis, not Civics and not Focuses. Apple is about cool devices with intuitive features. Occasionally, Apple does produce a cool product that turns out to be a noble failure, i.e. Power Mac G4 Cube. The first iteration of Apple cellphones will be one of those noble failures - but that's okay! Already cooking in the lab is its follow-up - the iLife device. The iLife device will replace the "iPhone" and the iPods. What will happen is that the MacMini will become the part of a stack that will become Apple's Home Media Center and the iLife device will be the portable extension of that. This will scare the beejeezus out of so many hardware, software and web services companies. The whole schmeer will encompass websurfing, IM, e-mail, phone, games, music, video, photos, peer to peer file sharing, GPS, everything you could imagine now and in the future.