Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

Leah and I survived our cross country drive from New Jersey to Hollywood despite U-Haul mishaps, freezing rain and the state of Texas. Thanks to all of you who posted or e-mailed us about our move. Once we get the downstairs studio set up we'll be back to posting more frequently.

2007 is starting strong with lots of clients kicking off new projects this month. YRB Magazine has me doing more illustrations starting this weekend!

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Julie Andrews said...

Hey,Brian and Leah! I can't believe you're really so far away--wish we got together more while you were still in NYC. Your place looks great, I'm jealous of the weather(17 deg. rt now as I write to you!). Miss you both, hope to see you soon, I want you to meet Eva! LOVE YOU!!!-cousin Julie