Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Vacation at Safari Sam's

I finally got to check out The Vacation live at Safari Sam's last night! They put on a great show and Sam's had a decent sized crowd, especially for a Monday night. Los Angeles is much better for seeing rock shows. Unlike New York City, the crowd is way more into it and the women know how to dress for the occasion.

There are some pics of the show on my Flickr page. Honestly, I wasn't on my game last night. I haven't had time to shoot a show since December and I think it shows. Most of my big projects are wrapping up this week, so hopefully I can really get back to the concert photos.


katzenjammer studios said...

Hey Brian! Your illustrator stuff has been really helpful! I'm gonna do up a piece using your techniques for a T-shirt. Are there any differences in screen printing as opposed to paper prints? Do I still switch to CMYK? Any insights? Once again, thanks so much!

Brian Romero said...

I'm glad my posts have been helpful to many people! With screen printing you should keep the art for each color on it's own layer. The screen printers will be making physical screens for each color/ink used. You can use RGB since the printed colors will be based on whatever ink colors they have available and not what you choose in the file. They may or may not want you to make registration marks so the screens will all line up. I'd talk to whoever is printing and ask about that part.

Good luck and have fun!