Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Real Meaning of Christmas: Demonic Beatings for the Naughty

I'm very fond of this horned Anti-Claus character. He's known as the Krampus in Germany and Austria. His job is to pay a visit to all the naughty kids and deliver a beat down with some broken tree branches. He might even grab you and throw your naughty ass in his basket if you've been really bad!

I think he should get more attention in America. The Krampus should be at every mall sitting right next to Santa. Parents could use that opportunity to scare their kids straight. Photo by Capeet:

There's a book called The Devil In Design: The Krampus Postcards. I highly recommend it to other fans of devil imagery and corporal punishment.

Also check out this episode of The Venture Bothers and see the Krampus in action:


Faust Haus said...

Yeah!!! Krampus is such a perv!

wee-fi said...

I second the royal beat down to little brats in the mall.

David said...

I think Gruss vom Krampus means "Greetings from Krampus"

John S. said...

Wow!! Great post!!!
I wrote a story about the Krampas a few years ago and have turned it into a Chippy and Loopu(my web comic) story. My Krampas doesn't look as cool as yours though.

benj said...

WOW! great pics :D