Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Rock N' Roll Travesty

Yet another reason to declare the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame a crock of shit. Madonna was inducted. Seriously, there is nothing rock n' roll about Madonna! Influential pop singer... sure, I'll give her that. At least it made for some interesting pictures. Below is Iggy Pop, who with his band The Stooges performed Madonna's song Ray of Light for the ceremony. Madonna looks like she had some cheek implants, which did nothing to distract me from her turkey neck and granny hands. Iggy is in his usual rock n' roll caveman mode.


Jenny said...

Does this mean ya think Iggy's an official sell out? That, and eh, Madonna is an awkward choice, but she was pretty influential with her sexual explicit-ness like with the like a virgin performance.

Brian Romero said...

Iggy was asked by Madonna too perform her song. I think Madonna knows she's not rock n' roll and thought it'd be interesting to have a real rocker perform one of her songs. I'm not hating on Madonna, I'm hating on the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. What were they thinking by inducting Madonna, who is a pop artist and hasn't made a single rock tune? Who's next to be inducted, Snoop Dogg?

chrisallison said...

I dig your pencils and really like the past 2 posts. Keep it up, Brian! I want more more more!

Madonna in the rock n roll hall of fame hahahahahahaha

Mitch L said...

Damn youre caricatures look sweet!
That's really something I really find hard to do...

Keep going!

benj said...

REALLY nice caricature!
Your Madonna looks like the real one with a little something more.
That's what caricature is all about.
(I guess...!? hehe)
Great hair too.

Keep'em coming!

david gemmill said...

hahhaah that iggy is hilarious!