Tuesday, August 26, 2008

21st Century Filth: A New Hope

My new studio is giving away PDFs for people to print their own HOPE parody posters. Please spread our filthy brand of hope across the land...


James said...

I'm glad someone finally made an Obamba poster parody. Did you guys ink it from scratch, or use the trace option in Illustrator? Either way, it's really cool.

Brian Romero said...

No auto tracing here! We drew this sucker from photo reference though.

PCUnfunny said...

I think even Bob's corpse would do better then either canidate. Nice job brian.

jack raffin said...

hahaha...hope. good work.

Tony said...

Hi Brian,
did some cleanups in Illustrator. Pretty hard to do, can you give me some advice, or screenshot, when you doubleclick the brushicon! That would be great, thanks bra!!!

Kind regards from Hamburg,

Brian Romero said...

Hey Tony, my brush settings are:

Fidelity: 1

Smoothness: 15


All are unchecked except Edit Selected Paths

Within 3 pixels