Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Rock N' Roll Travesty

Yet another reason to declare the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame a crock of shit. Madonna was inducted. Seriously, there is nothing rock n' roll about Madonna! Influential pop singer... sure, I'll give her that. At least it made for some interesting pictures. Below is Iggy Pop, who with his band The Stooges performed Madonna's song Ray of Light for the ceremony. Madonna looks like she had some cheek implants, which did nothing to distract me from her turkey neck and granny hands. Iggy is in his usual rock n' roll caveman mode.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting Back To It

After a month and a half of doing non-stop branding and graphic design my drawing skills are weak as hell. I really noticed it when Baloney Boy and I dropped in on a life drawing session last Saturday. My drawings were garbage! I'm not going to embarrass myself by posting them here. It was a good wake up call and I decided to purchase a new large hardcover sketchbook. As much as I love the clipboard for easy scanning, the small size was getting to me. Below are pictures of the first four pages that I drew today. I'm going to try and post new sketchbook drawings a couple times a week. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Giraffes

Last Thursday night at Beauty Bar in San Diego I was introduced by my pals The Vacation to Brooklyn based rockers The Giraffes. Their music is a twisted blend of metal, surf-rock and soulful crooning. They're playing The Knitting Factory in Hollywood tonight and will undoubtedly deliver the goods. They're halfway through their nation-wide tour. If you're not in LA tonight check out their MySpace page to see when they're coming to violate your town. Check out my Flickr stream for more pics of the band.

UPDATE: My interview with the band is up on here.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ghost Ride The Whip!

I was recently asked to contribute to the You Can't Front On... section of YRB Magazine this month. Past topics I've illustrated include: malt liquor, iron-on letters and Rent-A-Center. This time the topic was a phenomenon that I was unfamiliar with called ghost ride the whip. It basically entails dancing on or around your car and generally acting like a jackass while it coasts down the street.

As you can tell by my lack of updates, I've been working on too many projects at once. Instead of turning down the gig I decided it'd be interesting to collaborate with my pal Ben Tegel. I started off drawing the car, which is based on a vintage Vette. Chevette that is. Then I handed it over to Ben who sent me back these great sketches:

I really love them all and it was tough to pick which one to go with! Ultimately I went with the one immediately above this paragraph. It had a great pose, clear silhouette and the character had the right amount of retardedness for me. Then I printed out the sketch and tweaked Ben's drawing a bit.

After I got it close to what I wanted I scanned in the drawing and dropped it into Illustrator for inking and coloring. Since these pieces don't appear that big in the magazine I decided not to add any real background outside of the curb and fire hydrant.

I wish I had more time to finesse the drawing and colors, but deadlines always seem to come quickly. Overall I'm happy with how it came out though. Stay tuned for more collaborations with Ben on upcoming secret projects.

I also have two pieces in the current issue of YRB Magazine. It's the Art Issue, so it's packed with good stuff. Go buy a copy you cheap bastards!